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You do everything completely natural with no medications, so you actually fix the cause of my pain or problem instead of just giving pain killers or injections to mask the pain. The atmosphere of your office is also very comfortable and family oriented, which I like, because it makes me feel more like you actually care about your patients instead of just about making a buck.

-A Satisfied Patient

Unlike many other businesses, you have very convenient hours that allow me to schedule my appointments when it’s easiest for me, after work.  And I am pleased to say that whoever I have sent, regardless of insurance coverage, has received excellent and affordable care.

-A Satisfied Patient

You have been the only doctor that has helped with my constant headaches, neck pain and back pain, amongst other pains that I have experienced through the years, as well.
-A Satisfied Patient

About 10 years ago I was suffering with low back pain from two massive disc herniations.  I was not able to work and barely able to participate in life.  I had been to a series of doctors of multiple disciplines, including orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, and chiropractic.  I had received a variety of comprehensive treatments for pain relief, including medication, traction, rehabilitation and various forms of spinal manipulation with minimal positive results.                                                                                                                      
The first truly positive and dramatic improvement I experienced was when I began care with Dr. Arthur Pecoraro.  His analysis of my condition and subsequent treatment was remarkable.   I was able to walk upright and virtually pain free for the first time in months after the initial treatment.  I still treat with Dr. Pecoraro on a periodic basis to help maintain my spinal improvement as well as my general health.                                                       -
y visits to Dr. Pecoraro are affordable, convenient and effective. I have referred friends and family members to Dr. Pecoraro and have consistently received positive feedback regarding his care. I intend to remain under Dr. Pecoraro’s care for the rest of my life. 
-A Satisfied Patient

 I have been doing your lower back stretches, and practicing how  
to correctly get out of bed. I got to tell you, I really have had
positive results. Thank you for your youtube tips.
A Satisfied Friend

I wanted to thank you for all of your help before our son was born.
It really helped to make the last few weeks of pregnancy a bit more
-A Satisfied Patient

How I use a Chiropractor in everyday life
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